“Where Quetzaltrekkers Dare”


Original article in Revue Magazine – The English-language Magazine of Guatemala

Article and photos by Robin Canfield

To find out more about the organizations and people talked about in this article, visit whywehike.actualitymedia.org

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2 thoughts on ““Where Quetzaltrekkers Dare”

  1. What an amazing adventure. All that magnificent scenery would make the effort so worthwhile. I doubt if I would make it to t he top. How soon will they have a cable car? Maybe donkeys? Would love to do the trip.

    • Definitely no cable cars forthcoming. Donkeys can definitely make the trip, but it would have been impossible to get past the locals with cows and donkeys that were sometimes on the path (really, their path) and finding a place to keep them at night would be an interesting task.
      Thankfully the Quetzaltrekkers also to 1/2 day and overnight trips if you want something shorter.

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