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Videography Addition

Chajil Crossing from Robin Canfield on Vimeo.

The waters of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala are rising quickly, overtaking native plant life as well as human dwellings. This short clip shows a native Tz’utujil Mayan fisherman from San Juan la Laguna, a member of the Chajil Ch’upup fishermen’s cooperative, crossing the waters of the lake a short ways off shore.

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Helping Homeless Veterans

Made back in March, released publicly just yesterday – “Refuge” is a film I produced that follows some very special people in Florida working to help homeless veteran’s have better lives.

Note: the below-mentioned film that involved scouting at the Guatemala City dump is still in the works, however I am waiting on a certain release/agreement form that would allow me to put the film online, so there’s nothing I can show you yet.

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Amigos del Parque

Following several visits and two days of filming at Parque Zoologico Arlen Siu on the edge of León, Nicaragua – this is the short documentary “Amigos del Parque” (friends of the zoo).

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El Puente

A short film I knocked out with about a days filming and two days editing while in Costa Rica in July of 2012.

El Puente – The Bridge from Actuality Media on Vimeo.

Filmed, Directed and Editied by Robin Canfield

Produced by Aubrie Campbell Canfield

Additional Photography by Elle Marsh

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Why We Hike

This is a great video that I edited and helped film in May and June of 2012.

Why We Hike from Actuality Media on Vimeo.

Hiking with Quetzaltrekkers was a great life experience, and one I will not soon forget. Nor will I ever forget the kids living at El Hogar that directly benefit from the work the volunteers at Quetzaltrekkers do. It was one of the most emotionally painful times of my life to listen to the sad stories of their lives – the horrors they have been put through – over and over again as I cut this film together. I cannot begin to imagine what their lives have really felt like, but I wish them the best and I’m glad they were willing to let us use their stories to help EDELAC as a whole.

Without a doubt, I’m going back to visit these guys next year and to play another game of football.

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